ArcturusXT™ Laser Capture Microdissection System (雷射顯微擷取儀)


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ArcturusXT激光捕獲顯微切割(LCM設備是目前市面上唯一一款兼具紫外切割與獨有的紅外激光捕獲技術的顯微切割設備。 LCM專利技術通過極低功率近紅外激光激活熱塑薄膜,使薄膜具有黏性,黏附靶細胞,從而高效地從單個靶細胞中回收生物分子。從樣品中取走薄膜時,靶細胞已與膜融合,並保持結構完整,從而可以完全回收細胞中的核酸或蛋白質。
The Applied Biosystems® ArcturusXT™ LCM System is a unique microdissection instrument that offers the power of two lasers—combining laser-capture and laser cutting into one modular platform. The IR laser helps to capture the cells of interest, and the UV laser microdissects the captured cells. During use of the Arcturus™ Microdissection System, an infrared laser pulses through the top of the cap during LCM and interacts with the transfer film, which then melts and bonds to the cells or regions of interest. The film, rather than the tissue or cell sample, absorbs the laser radiation, resulting in gentle, nondamaging microdissection that preserves the integrity of the captured material.