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台灣鳥類誌 讀者回饋


9/22 15:45 傅瀚儀博士演講_ Illuminating High-light Adaptation Strategies of Acidothermophilic Galdieria partita

9/27 14:00-17:00 劉璁翰博士&林雋硯先生- 品頭論足-由頭足類淺談台灣海洋環境議題

9/29 10:30 Dr. Karine Olu-Le Roy 演講_ Baseline Studies of Cold-Seep Ecosystems Sustained by Gas Hydrates and other Methane Stocks








9/26 9月份「知識饗宴」- 法律學研究所林子儀特聘研究員兼所長主講「資訊社會中的隱私與隱私權」

9/29 9月份藝文活動「古典薩克斯風重奏之夜」

9/30 科技部醫學教育學門計畫成果討論會



鄭明修 研究員


Dr. Ming-Shiou Jeng

[ email ]

tel: +886-2-2789-9514

Research Fellow
PhD – National Taiwan University, 1991
Research Fields
crab, coral reef
Major Research Achievements (2013-2017)
  • The first stage zoea ond megalopa of the hydrothermal vent crab Xenograpsus testudinatus, are described, figured, and compared with a typical varunid, Brachynotus sexdentatus, A new family may need to established to accommodate Xenograpsus within the Grapsoidea. (2) Evidence supports the conclusion that soft corals of Sinularia are reef-building corals.
Research Interests
  • Crustacean taxonomy, ecology and evolution
  • Reef-building soft corals
  • Conservation biology
    Ongoing projects
    • The timing and behavior of larval release on land crab (NSC grant)
    • Assessment of current biodiversity of benthic invertebrates and conservation in Taiwan (NSC grant)
    • Biodiversity: Phylogeography of the trapezoid crabs, obligate symbionts of reef corals in the west Pacific (IZAS grant)
    • Biodiversity and coevolution of gobies and snapping shrimps in the west Pacific (IZAS grant)
      Publications (2009-2017)
      1. Chan, T.Y., C.C. Lin and M.S. Jeng*, 2016, “Occurrence of the rare lobster Palinustus unicornutus Berry , 1979(Decapoda : Palinuridae) in Taiwan.”, CRUSTACEANA, 89(13), 1501-1507. (SCI) (IF: 0.664; SCI ranking: 80.8%)
      2. Hu M.Y., Y.J. Guh,Y.T.Shao,P.L. Kuan,G.L. Chen,M.S. Jeng,J.R. Lee,, 2016, “Strong Ion Regulatory Abilities Enable the Crab Xenograpsus testudinatus to Inhabit Highly Acidified Marine Vent Systems.”, Frontiers in Physiology, 7(14), 1-11. (SCI) (IF: 4.031; SCI ranking: 16.9%)
      3. Tu T.H., C. F. Dai, and M. S. Jeng*, 2016, “Taxonomic Revision of Corallidae with descriptions of new species from New Caledonia and Hawaii Archipelago”, MARINE BIOLOGY RESEARCH, 12(10), 1003-1038. (SCI) (IF: 1.649; SCI ranking: 46.2%,58%)
      4. Jeng, M.S. and Y.W. Chiu, 2015, “An Ecological Investigation on the Surrounding Waters of Shoushan National Nature Park.”, Journal of National Park, 25(1), 1-16. (Others)
      5. Tu, T.H., Alvaro Altuna and M. S. Jeng, 2015, “Coralliidae (Anthozoa:Octocorallia) from the INDEMARES 2010 expedition to north and northwest Spain (northeast Atlantic), with delimit of a new species through both morphological and molecular approaches.”, ZOOTAXA, 3926(3), 301-328. (SCI) (IF: 0.994; SCI ranking: 49.7%)
      6. Tu T.H., C. F. Dai, and M. S. Jeng*, 2015, “Phylogeny and systematics of deep-sea precious corals (Anthozoa:Corallidae).”, MOLECULAR PHYLOGENETICS AND EVOLUTION, 84, 173-184. (SCI) (IF: 3.792; SCI ranking: 27.7%,28.3%,29.1%)
      7. Jeng, M.S. Colin KC. Wen and J.P. Chen, 2015, “Success in the smallest marine reserve of Taiwan: A triumph anchored by effective enforcement, stakeholder support, and replenishment.”, International News and Analysis on Marine Protected Areas, 16(6), 7. (Others)
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      9. Hu Marian Y.A., W. Hagen, M.S. Jeng, and R. Saborowski, 2012, “Metabolic energy demand and food utilization of the hydrothermal vent crab Xenograpsus tcstudinatus (Crustacea: Brachyura). ”, Aquatic Biology, 15(1), 11-25. (SCI) (IF: 1.265; SCI ranking: 56.7%)
      10. Tu T.H., C. F. Dai, and M. S. Jeng*, 2012, “Precious corals (Octocorallia: Cora llidae) from the northern west pacific region with description of two New Species.”, Zootaxa, 3395, 1-17. (SCI) (IF: 0.994; SCI ranking: 49.7%)
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