Faculty list

Dr. John Wang

Assistant Research Fellow
Ph.D. Stanford University
Research Fields
Social insect behavior, evolution, genetics, and genomics. Nematode genome evolution.
Major Research Achievements (2011-2015)
  • Social biology and behavior involve interesting and complex interactions between individuals. For the fire ant, we generated and characterized the first, large-scale cDNA library and microarray which has been used by myself and others to study social behavior, development, aging, pathogen infection, and interspecies hybridization. Using microarrays, I demonstrated the first example of a naturally occurring polymorphic Mendelian element that affects gene expression in other group members. We have also produced a draft assembly of the fire ant genome.
  • In my other study organism, C. elegans, I have initiated a project on genome evolution. Genome size changes rapidly during evolution, with those of multicellular eukaryote species varying across four orders of magnitude. We showed for the first time that variation in homologue size of autosomes may affect genome size in nematodes.
Research Interests
  • Genetics, genomics, behavior, and evolution of social insects.
  • Evolution of genome size in nematodes.
    Ongoing projects
    • The molecular genetic basis for division of labor and sex determination in ants.
    • Genomic analysis of the selfish supergene in fire ants.
    • The mechanism underlying non-independent assortment of chromosomes in nematodes.
    • We are currently recruiting people of various levels (students, research assistants and postdocs) who are interested in our research area.
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